Episode 2: Psychedelic Scumbag


The bulk of this episode was the first thing we ever shot. It was a shock to be standing under the GAP arch filming this thing Chris and I had been working on for so long. I was as excited as the limo full of high school kids getting their prom pictures taken 30 feet away from us. 

 Branson Reese is both a king and a prince. Through a script goof, he didn't get his main monologue until day of and he still made it sing. It sang a song most magnetic. A song like "Steal My Sunshine" by Len. I can't say enough good about that dude. 

Rachel Wolther was on board by the time we shot the beginning of the ep. More on her in the weeks to come, but she is awesome. Also, our hair length changed significantly scene to scene. Send us an email if you agree! 

Thanks to Foster Care for the episode title. I saw their record at the Academy on 18th and loved the name. They had "Refried Dreams" in their too. Why didn't I buy either one? Anyway, check out the song, it's more scum than psych. That's the way I like it.