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Episode 1: Papa's Got a Brand New Gig Bag

Hi, and welcome to Everybody's Video. 

It all started in 2012, when Matt B. Weir ('Cool Cars and Science,' the best) told us to make a Channel 101 show. He said it would be super easy, fun and cool. Three years later, here we are online!

This episode went through about twenty drafts over a year and a half. A lot of bad jokes were removed, but there's one I still think about. It had to do with Calvin Johnson and Ian MacKaye ending the vicious bicoastal strident punk values war to join together to fight the Family Values Tour. They sadly perished after drowning in that huge toilet Limp Bizkit performed on top of. If you know what's wrong with that joke, write us. If you're right, we'll send you a prize from the shoot (like a gig bag or my awful shoes). 

This is a project that has existed for so long between Chris and myself. Years of in-jokes and goofs over chat and email. Eventually those emails filled up google docs and those google docs were formatted to look like scripts. It's real and I'm amazed. 

Thanks to Pig Bag for the episode title. And thanks to you for watching, reading, learning, listening and loving.